Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bobby G Cooks! And it was Actually Pretty Damn Good!

For the record, I Don't cook! I don't have the patience, or the necessary utensils, or the spices etc. Yesterday for lunch I had some DELICIOUS Beer Cheese soup from LeDog. For those not familiar with leDog, they are a little stand on Liberty & Division. AMAZING SOUPS and Hot Dogs, some people have compared him to the soup Nazi, but I disagree! He has never been anything but cordial to me. So anyways, I eat this soup and I'm like WOW! this is AMAZING! I bet I could make this! So i go online and get recipes, most are WAY too complicated w/ browning flower and blah blah blah, until yesterday I didn't even know what simmering was! So I google EASY beer Cheese Soup recipes, I get a good one, that's SUPER EASY!
2 10.5 OZ can of Cream of celery Soup
2 bottles of beer
1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp Season salt
2 cups of sharp cheddar.

The soup and beer and spices go together still until simmering,
then on low heat add cheese gradually until all is melted!

THATS IT! Now I realize by using soup to make soup I kinda cheated, but it got the creamy texture I wanted. The only real decision I had is what beer to use! I chose NEWCASTLE. I chose it because of the flavor. It WAS DELICOUS! Ill be making it again!


Acadia said...

It's not exactly soup from a stone, but its a step in the right direction. The trick is to cheat but not tell anyone... Does this mean you'll be cooking dinner for me soon? Speaking of dinner, the 4 of us should go out again, that was fun!

Bobby G said...

I agree w/ the 4 of us going out! Lori has been wanting to hang out w/ you guys again too!

As far as cooking you dinner SLOW DOWN, I think its obvious soup busted my ass! lol it was really good, the Newcastle tasted GREAT in the soup!

Kat said...

It sounds yummy. The fact that it has beer in it might even get my husband to eat it.

Bobby G said...

Yeah what guy doesnt like cheese or beer? lol

Aimeepalooza said...

that sounds really good!

Lee said...

That sounds so good. But I agree, you cheated.
You can't use soup to make soup. You just edited soup.

Sarah said...

Hey, anything that contains 2 cups of cheese sounds good to me! I made a helluva good turkey meatloaf last night! We kick ass in the kitchen! Watch out LeDog