Friday, November 28, 2008

Worst Thanksgiving Ever!

Usually thanksgiving is an event! It was an all day thing from about noon until about midnight for me, but since im no longer married it was just one dinner. It was delicious! I honestly dont know how I could keep it down because the Lions game was on too. A merciless 47-10 ASS WHOOPIN! Then my fuckin redneck uncles start w/ the racist Obama jokes, I KNOW nice fuckin touch right? My brother had to work until 3 then he hit his wifes fams house, so I didnt get to see them, my parents went up north so I didnt see them after dinner. So I was alone at home. I went home had leftovers, watched Meatloaf Storytellers, had a couple beers, and went to bed at like 10:30...overall it was unevenful, and to make matters worse im at fuckin work right now! So yeah Thanksgiving was not the best this year, but I Still have a lot to be thankful for...