Monday, November 24, 2008

5 Legendary Cds..According to Bobby G!

Now I'm not going to say these are my all time top 5 favorites, but they'd be up there for sure, rest assured that these albums are great!

5. Ben Folds- Rockin the Suburbs

This a a great album! Ben folds is a musical Genius! This album proves it! The songs are all so different, from the slow Piano jam Fred Jones Pt 2 to the rocking, hip hop oriented Rockin the Suburbs, this CD is one I always come back to!

4. Snoop Doggy Dogg- Doggystyle

This CD released in 1993 was one of the best selling debut CDs of all time! Snoop came on the scene in 1992's The Chronic, by mentor Dr Dre. His solo album was highly anticipated and he did not disappoint! What you got was 14 tracks of pure 90s west coast hip hop. 3 top singles, Whats My Name?, Doggy Dogg World, and Gin & Juice shot this CD to super stardom!

3. Outkast-Southernplayalisticcadilacmuzik.

Quite a name huh? this 1994 CD was my favorite by hip hop supergroup Outkast. It brought together fantastic beat, awesome lyrics & southern attitude to the rap game. Big Boi & Andre have become one of hip hops most respected groups. This is how they started, OH did I mention they were 17!

2. Meat Loaf Bat out of Hell!

This a a great album! 7 songs, 45 mins, just fantastic! Some of the songs are almost theatrical. Fantastic production by Todd Rundgren music & lyrics by Jim Steinman, and Meat Loafs voice in his prime! This CD has sold over 34 million copies world wide & still sells 200,000 a year. The CD came out in 1977, now that is staying power!

1. Guns N' Roses- Appetite For Destruction

Viewed by many as the greatest Heavy metal album of all time! Axl Roses powerful voice! Slashs fantastic guitar, and great writing & production, make this album legendary! There are 12 songs and all of them rock hard! Its in my eyes a flawless example of what rock music is! I LOVE IT!


Bobbie Leigh said...

Those are all great albums.
BTW: I wont tell you if I ever piss my pants from laughing.

Bobby G said...

LOL right! I was like wow nikki too much info lol

Becky said...

Hmm....I like Ben Folds, but the rest are not so much my style.

But, admittedly, I have crap taste in music.

Bobby G said...

Well at least you are at peace w/ that Becky lol!