Monday, November 3, 2008

Mechanic Dad Savior!

So I get up early today because I went to bed at 9:45 last night (30 yr old trying handle a weekend of partying my ass off!) Ive also been late to work too much lately, so i decided to get up 10 mins earlier than I normally would on top of that. I have to be to work at 8:30, I currently live 10 mins away. I walk out the door at 7:59, in great shape, I was gonna stop at Panera & get a bagel, but alas drama occurred. At the Huron Pkwy Washtenaw light (for those that don't know it is one of the busiest intersections in Ann Arbor) My car decides that it no longer wants to move, and it stalls, right in the middle of the intersection, blocking all 4 lanes of traffic, I'm like SHIT! So i get out of the car, throw it in neutral, and start to pushing, only its up hill so i can barely get it to budge. I'm freaking out because cars are everywhere & I'm totally fuckin up traffic, I hate being in that position. Thankfully a guy stops in an SUV and starts pushing w/ me, we get it rolling pretty good at that point, and finally lay it to rest in the Barnes & Noble parking lot. So I'm going to be late to work, (which was the whole point of getting up early) I call my Dad's shop, and he says he'll be there in a minute, so as I'm waiting for him I try to start the car. Nothing. But wouldn't you fuckin know it, as soon as he gets there the car starts, "that was easy", he replies, "but let me try something" he goes to the truck and gets out his canteen, and drenches the coil w/ water. 20 seconds later it stalls again "A-Ha" he says. He had a spare coil with him and ghetto rigged it to make it work. So i get to work at 8:45, and now have to go to the shop after work to get my car fixed, its gonna be $60 for the part, no big deal, so now my hoopty car is gonna get a whole new piece for it! So its happy.