Friday, November 21, 2008


Im a die hard Michigan Hoops fan. Its not easy to admit. They have been awful for 10 years. They havent made the NCAA tourney, they havent beaten a ranked team, they havent done anything actually relavant since I was in HS. That changed last night! UM shocked #4 UCLA at Madison Square Garden in NY. It was in the semi finals of the Coaches Vs. Cancer Classic. We play #10 Duke (yes that Duke) for the championship tonight. If we lose, honestly, it doesnt really matter. We beat UCLA, we can see our team has shown AMAZING improvement in the last year. Last year we went 10-22, we lost to HARVARD for gods sake! MY main hope is that we play Duke hard. I dont know if they can beat Duke, but I KNEW they couldnt beat UCLA. way to prove me wrong Wolverines!