Tuesday, November 11, 2008

B & B Dirty Dirty 30 30

Well last Sat it was on! The B & B Dirty Dirty 30 30. Me & my buddy Ben's 30th Bday party! It was a tremendous Success! Prob 100+ people showed up during the night, family friends and people I havent seen in years! I got drunk! Had a BLAST and MANY people took pictures. I have great friends! Those who were there thanks! Those who were not, you know I still love you! But you missed a FANTASTIC time! We got there at 8, turns out we didn't have the room until 9. So there were still some of the public there. They peaced out at 9, and the people flooded in. The 1st ones there were my family, Ben (The other Bday Boy) and Bridgette, my ex wife. I know what you are thinking, your Ex was there? Well she is great friends w/ Ben and this is my 30th Bday, I wanted her there too. I was FANTASTIC! She had a blast, and we had a long (semi-drunken) chat, I just wanted her to know that I was happy she came, and that it was good to know we can co-exist between friends w/o any drama. Im actually really happy she came. At about 10-11 is when MANY people started to come! Lots of the night I dont recall much of, but thankfully people took pictures! here they are!

This is a pic of me & my Friend Jen! Haven't seen her in FOREVER! I was stoked she came!

Me my Friend Josh & his Wife Jessica! Check out the look on my face! I look Sinister...

Big Pimpin! with Jenna, Pickle & my GIRL Kelly.

Me & my mom!

Me & Cassie! Havent seen her in quite sometime either! Glad she made it! LOVE YOU GIRL!

Me & Ben, the other bday boy, during a toast to his mom, She passed 2 yrs ago December, and this brought a tear to my eye.

A Pic of the Drunken Crew. At like 1 am lol

Michelle, Me, Ben, Tiffany. I looked like im STOKED, OK I just look drunk! lol

Again Drunken Crew!

Me Steve & Kdogg, Again, IM DRUNK! lol

Me & Michelle, we are so fly!

Me & Josh, earlier in the night, before I got Stupid drunk lol

Overall it was one of the best bdays ever! No BS no drama, just a great time w/ my great friends! See yall for the Filthy Forty In 2018!


Aimeepalooza said...

Looks like a blast!!!

Bobbie Leigh said...

It looks like a great time- welcome to the 30's club!

Bobby G said...

Its good to be here! A new start to an old life!

tiffany said...

i spy "evil bobby g" in that 2nd picture, even if there's no goatee. sorry i missed it, sweetie...my fam was in town from chicago and i hadn't seen them in almost two years. we'll have to do a rain-check. knowing the two of us, i'm sure we can make up for it.

Clouse House said...

Bobby, Pat & I had a great time! Hope you guys had a birthday you will never forget!

Jennifer said...

So glad I was able to make it and you better believe I will be there for filthy forty!

Becky said...

I had so much fun! YEA! I miss hangin out. I was at Bennigan's tonight and there was some corporate higher ups that bought shots and drinks all night.....AWESOME! LOL