Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dont buy a house...Seriously!

IN Feb 2007 me and my wife (at the time) bought a house. WE LOVED IT! It had a 2.5 car garage w/ heated workshop, it had a finished bsmt, hardwood floors, it was JUST perfect for us! In May of 2008 we realized that our mortgage got fucked up because of taxes. it went from $980-$1320 in 1 fuckin month! We decided we would have to refinance. Well we didnt have the house long enough so the refi really cost us. We got our payment down to $1150, but, we acrewed a bunch of fees so our mortgage went from $110K to $115K Well in Sept of 2008 We filed for divorce. Now we must sell said house. It was appraised for $123K. We are now asking $99,900. We got an offer for
$67K. A lowball fuckin BS offer for $67K. Now we have 2 options, be like FUCK YOU! And see what happens. Or try to do a short sale. Now for those not familiar w/ a shortsale, the bank sells the house to the buyer and says OK they are giving us
$67K, we are even. Our credit will take a hit, about 80-100pts, but whatever. We also cant buy a house for 2 yrs (will I ever again? not sure) So no big deal. But all because we decided to buy a house, it messed up our credit (mildly but still) I got my CC debt out of control (my fault, but I knew I couldnt afford the house I shouldve said something) so since Ive had this house everything in my life pretty much fell apart. it was a fuckin awful exp & I dont recommend it to anyone, unless you can afford it your self.


Bobbie Leigh said...

This is a fucked up time for anyone either buying or selling. We want so desperatly to sell our peice of shit house and can't. In this market, who will buy a house treated for termites? NO ONE.