Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things I Hate That People Seem to Love...

I seem to be in the minority quite often. I really hate these things below. PEOPLE LOVE THIS SHIT! Here we go!

The Doors/Pearl Jam: Ah the Doors, the band that said "Hey we don't need a bass, we got an organ" The result is some fucking carnival music. It sounds like shit! They bore the hell out of me! The music sucks my will to live. Pearl jam is another one. They were the "Best Band" of a music genre that lasted 4 fuckin years & grunge destroyed hair metal, which was really the shit. So Pearl Jam AND NIRVANA (who wouldn't be shit if Kurt Kobain didn't die) Destroyed hair metal, thanks!

Starbucks: Now this isn't Starbucks fault. I hate coffee, but I do think Starbucks is evil.

Cake: Despise it! Cake is too sweet, frosting is straight sugar & it makes my stomach & Teeth hurt. Id rather eat more REAL food.

Caddyshack: THE MOST OVERRATED MOVIE EVER! Period. People absolutely LOVE this flick, BIll Murray is about 3/4 retarded, and the "Legendary One Liners" aren't really funny.

There are LOTS more, ill keep you posted!


Phil K. said...

Hair metal? Over Nirvana? Dude, at your party, we might have to throw. It's like I don't even know you anymore. I've got no problem with you ragging out The Doors and pearl jam (who are a less irish and slightly less pretentious U2), but we do not disparage Nirvana in this house.

and if you rag on the Foo Fighters? We'll throw down in the parking lot "48 hours" style. I get to be Nick Nolte...

Bobby G said...

Foo Fighters are dope! Nirvana, nope,

Jennifer said...

I love cake:-( Well, yellow cake. Not a huge fan of chocolate cake.

I think I liked Caddyshack when I was 4 years old. I have tried to watch it as an adult, but have not been all that entertained. Glad it is not just me.