Friday, October 17, 2008

Back at the crib...for a bit

So yesterday I "moved back" into the crib because Bridgette is in NYC to see her friend Jess. Its kind of weird, 1st of all the house is SUPER CLEAN because it is for sale, so everything I do I got to make SURE I keep it spotless, its kind of a challenge for me lol. I would've just stayed at the parents house but my cat needs a epilepsy pill every morning so I for sure don't want to go 20 mins+ out of my way every morning to give my cat his meds, I also don't want to have my brother or someone else give him his pill while shes out of town, thatd be lazy. The 2nd weird thing is that I'm living out of a suitcase in my own house. I don't want to unpack my shit, because ill be going back Monday night, I do miss my bed though, I also miss my cat Harley, I don't miss 23 mins to work (at my parents its 10) I also don't miss going all the way across town to grocery shop and do random chores, I hardly use any gas now. Overall the situation blows, I wish i could live in my own house, w/ my wife & cat and that's it, things do happen for a reason though...