Wednesday, October 1, 2008

7 Random things about me or Ill die!

This is for you Becky! BTW me you & Jason need to go get beers!
1. I HATE CHEMICALS! I never use them except Formula 409 & Windex, its a very unnatural fear, its in fact, very stupid. They scare the shit out of me.

2. I have to have a fan when I sleep or I dont sleep. If I feel where im going isnt going to have a fan I bring my own, every time, even camping I got a battery operated fan, that i use.

3. I love musicals! Especially the newer stuff, Im not a fan of like Westside Story or anything, I like musicals pretty much since .Cats, My favorites are Wicked, Rent, Phantom, Spring Awakening, Avenue Q & many more.

4. IM A HUGE hip-hop fan. Everything from like 1988-2000 or so! The stuff now is ABSOLUTE garbage. But back in the day it was the JAM!

5. My eyes arent connected so I can move them independently from each other, its freaky, ill have to show you sometime.

6. When I was 15 I got in a moped accident & got road rash from my ankle to my ass on my left leg. It hurt like a SOB and ruined a whole summer, between 9th & 1oth grade,

7. Im an atheist. Im not a preachy athiest, like if you got all jesusfied around me then id probably roll my eyes but I wouldnt say shit, but I think religion is FUCKED up. However if you are friend of mine & you are religious ill still love you for sure!


Becky said...

Wait....if you don't use chemicals, how do you wash your clothes?

Oh, and did you know Avenue Q is coming to Detroit, and so is Wicked? I love the music from both but haven't seen either one of them, so I'm hoping to get tickets. Or maybe Jason will get them for me for our half-iversary. *hint to Jason if he's reading this*

Hmm...beers some time huh? But I don't like beer! I do, however, like margaritas.

Bobby G said...

I mean I dont use chemicals that I touch. Laundry detergent is cool cause I dont have to touch it.

Ive seen wicked at the detroit opera house, elphaba & Glenda were understudies & it was STILL the best show ive ever seen,.

Margaritas for you, me & jason will drink beer! We live in the same town, it just makes sense!

Anonymous said...

Hi BobbyG! I put your link on my blog- I had to just so I could say,
"Bobbie Leigh says go see BobbyG!"
(Yes, I'm a dork.)
Did you say Margarita?

Bobby G said...

Yeah I did! but only because Becky said it first!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Bobby G - I think you may be the male version of me...seriously.

I must have a fan or noise maker or I can't sleep. I try to use all natural cleaning products. I'm an atheist.

I've never had a mophead accident and my eyes are connected, but that's it. Damn!