Monday, October 27, 2008

Best TV Theme Songs

These are my Favorite TV theme Songs/intros ever!
The Sopranos Come w/ me as I roll to my house in suburban New Jersey. We can pass awesome landmarks along the way. Fuhgetaboutit

Growing Pains
Ah the Seavers...Check out pics of them when they were little, to adulthood.

Reading Rainbow- Have you ever seen the Reading Rainbow intro on WEED MAN!?

Family Ties- Oh the 80's ness of it all!

Full House- Frisco & Mullets, who can ask for anything more.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Long version) Rarely Seen, Long version w/ the airplane ride & stuff.

Did I miss your favorite? let me know!


Bobbie Leigh said...

Ok, I know have the Reading Rainbow song stuck in my head. (As it has on and off throught the past 20-25 years.)

Bobby G said...

Yeah me too! Thats the one that stuck w/ me all damn day lol

Amy W. said...

Charles in Charge has the best theme song EVER.

"New boy in the neighborhood, lives downstairs and it's understood..."

He's in charge of our days AND our nights.

Bobby G said...

Nice! lol that is a good one!

Heather said...

I loved Growing Pains and Family Ties, and every Saturday morning I still get to hear Full House, when my three kids watch it on the Family Channel.

Bobby G said...
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Bobby G said...

Those shows will never die! also welcome to my blog!