Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pinckney Highschool Craziness.

In Case you guys haven't heard this story let me break it down for you. A 14 yr old Pinckney HS Student used her Camera phone to take pictures of her private parts nude this summer and texted them to some of her friends. Well they got send all around to over 200 students. Now this has caused an uproar at Pinckney HS. How is the school involved you ask? Superintendent Dan Danosky said "It happened outside of school, but we can investigate because it affects what goes on at school. Now we're waiting for a report from the sheriff's department before we decide whether to take action." The Sheriff you ask? YES! They want to prosecute this girl for child pornography. That's nuts! Now it was a damn stupid thing to do, no doubt, but child pornography? REALLY? This girl is going to be on the sex offenders list for the rest of her life for doing something stupid, she meant no malice here. Also the school has suspended 20 students who either sent this picture or received it. That's BS too, it shouldn't be the schools issue. There are going to be some PISSED OFF Parents. I can see if you sent it, but how is it my fault if I received it? They prob should have deleted it, but its not everyday you get a pic of a vagina sent to your phone lol. They were probably ecstatic! I would've been in HS! Shit I would be now! (as long as it was an of age vagina lol) So in closing girls don't take pictures of your vagina unless you want the earth to see it!


Jason said...

Yeah, I think that's a stupid thing to do, but I think trying to turn this into a child porn issue is completly the wrong approach. Some dumb girl takes a picture of her bits, but she shouldn't be labeled a sex offender for the rest of her life. Seems a bit unreasonable.

Bobby G said...

EXACTLY! Plus the 20 susspensions is also BS If I was a parent of one of those 20 kids ID BE PISSED

Bobbie Leigh said...

I agree. Let's go after the stupid teenager that made a mistake instead of the actual pedafiles that are raping and killing little kids.