Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging for stress..

I know I have been blogging a lot lately. Probably an insane amount lol. Ive been stressing hard. Divorce, trying to sell a house, money issues, its like damn how much more can a brother take? BY far this is the hardest time in my life. I just want to get through all this bullshit! This is an outlet that helps me A LOT! A TON! I consider myself a good person. Why do bad things happen to good people? Part of it is my fault, I went apes shit with credit cards in my mid 20s. I now how a shit ton of debt that I am paying off as I can. The debt also contributed (partially) to my divorce, which in turn led to money problems, and all my stress. The moral of this story? credit Cards are evil. I wish that when Ed Norton blew up all those credit card companies in fight Club that all that actually happened. Seriously, no more debt for the US. That would be TIGHT! I also think the government instead of giving the banks $700 Billion should have gave that to the US people. Think about it, people would pay off mortgages, credit cards, car loans etc., also people would buy cars, houses, etc., the banks would take care of their selves. I'm so tired of all this bullshit...the bitch of it is, its my fault.


Optimistic Pessimist said...

I was married my son's father. divorced after 2 years. I was miserable being married. I was soooo happy to get out of it. BUT what it did do was ruin my credit. Took me 5 years to pay everything off. But I did it. Now I have money, but I'm sad. Back then I was broke, but happy. I wonder when I'll get it right?