Monday, October 20, 2008

Reasons Why I know Im Getting Old.

So approaching the big 3-0 I decided to reflect on how I know I am getting old & why. Here we go!

10. 2 Day Hangovers- When I was 22 this shit NEVER happened. Now if I drink liquor for a night I'm hungover for 2 damn days, its BRUTAL! At 22 I could drink till 5am go to work at 9 and be good to go in a few hours, now I can be either hungover OR tired, not both, if I'm both my day is over before it begins.

9.Young Girls- Ive always liked young girls not dirty young but between 18-23, but now that I'm almost 30 that is dirty young. And 18 yr old was in kindergarten when I was a senior in HS, WOW

8. Young Girls Moms- I actually closer to a 40 yr old moms age than I am to her 18 yr old daughter, that's MIND BOGGLING!

7. Sleep- I used to be able to function on 3-4 hrs of sleep, now if I don't get 7 hrs I'm FUCKED!

6. Memory- I forget random shit, like did I take my medicine? or did I use shampoo in the shower this morning, WTF? lol

5. Losing touch- I have no idea what the "kids" are into now a days, That started w/ Pokemon, that was the 1st thing I didn't understand.

4. Earlier Nights, Earlier Bed- Remember when you didn't go to the bar until 11? Now I'm in bed by then during the week! lol

3. People I know are having Kids-Good friends are having babies, not ooops babies but legit we should have a baby babies. That's CRAZY!

2. Random Soreness- Now this also may because im out of shape (isn't round a shape?) But its funny if I do anything mildly tiring (Mowing the lawn for instance) Im sore for like 3 days.

But the number 1 reason I know I'm getting old.
1. Weekday bar nights- I used to go the bar during the week ALL THE TIME! Now if I do it (when I have to work the next day) I hate the earth for 48 hrs. I love the bar during the week! I miss it!

So that's my list! When did you know?


My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

I used to be able to down vodka shots like they were candy, now 2 glasses of wine and I am toast.


Bobby G said...

LOL welcome to moterhood! lol I hear when youi are a mom, your tolerance goes to shit! lol You cant drink for 9 months more than that if you are breats feeding, its hard to get caught up w/ all that responsibility...

Phil K. said...

You can drink if you're breast feeding, you just have to "pump and dump" before you can feed again. You can have alcohol when you're pregnant for that matter. A glass of wine or a glass of beer isn't really bad, especially after about six months. Jungle juice and keg stands aren't exactly wise, but a glass every now and then isn't the end of the world.

As for your complaints about lack of sleep and general soreness.....Blow me. You want lack of sleep and soreness? I'll trade you my knees and my kid for a week, and I'm the one that's actually getting sleep.

Missy said...

My brother was into Pokemon, I think you're better off without it frankly.