Wednesday, February 25, 2009

200 Posts! The Best of The G-Spot's Blogtastic Voyage

A while ago My friend Amy Wiseman Blogged her 1 yr post and did highlights of her blog. Im doing the same thing for my 200th post! In the blog world I was not aware that 100 posts was a "milestone" of sorts. So I didnt acknowledge it! But now I know so here it is for 200! A look at some of BGs favorites:

Started out with a great story about my time in Canton Ohio ...Could wait to talk about the Crazy Casey Kasem Long distance Dedication I heard...Stupid Bicyclists... What if Tacobell Onstar existed?... Whats the deal w/ people on Meth Seriously!... Some stupid bitch told me Those are Dangerous... sometimes ya gotta explain Urinal etiquette to people in need!... Dont ya just LOVE Facebook Bdays... When Im driving sometimes Id rather be
Hitting People
... Why is the letter Y Bisexual?... What an Adventure my divorce was

These are some of my favorites, did I miss any that you folks enjoyed?


Stacey said...

Happy 200th Bobbyg, looking forward to miles more!!

Anonymous said...
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