Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Shit...No Ryhme or Reason

Im pissed People, Some of my best friends are not here freezing their balls off in A2, they are in sunny Tampa getting drunk! But BG you ask, why not you? Well Ill tell ya why! Paying mortgage on a house I don't live in AND I'm gonna have to PAY $500 to the IRS for taxes! Yeah have a HOUSE! but I have to pay! How the fuck does that happen?

I may be getting rid of the serving job, I only work 2 shifts a week and they are becoming considerably more of a waste of my time than ever. Last Wed I made $8, my Pizza was $7.41 so i walked w/ a FAT 59 cents. Yeah what could I have been doing? How about looking for change in my car or room? Id of found more than 59 cents FOR SURE!

On the other hand...I may be getting more karaoke hosting shifts! Karaoke Stoo has been hitting the pavement and has 4 new shows lined up! They aren't finalized yet however, but they are in "the Works" as he put it! I was hoping to take 2 of them, Frasers Pub and Banfields East, BOTH close to my parents house, and BOTH bars where I know people. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

My parents are taking their 1st vacation since I lived there. They are trailering their Harley to FL and riding to Key West! I'm jealous as SHIT! I mean REALLY JEALOUS! Ive always wanted to ride to Key West! Its far as shit from MI though, and in the summer its too damn hot, in the winter its too shitty weather in the north, and my 1997 VW Jetta doesn't have the necessary reliability OR TOWING CAPACITY that I would need, plus who tows a Harley w/ a VW anyways?

My house seems to be close to being gone! It sucks because even though i am divorced having to deal w/ house shit w/ my ex wife makes me (and her) feel like we are still together! that almost $600 a mo payment is fucking killing me! when the house is gone that $600 a mo is going to pay off credit cards, Id like to be debt free in 2-4 yrs, so I need ti get rid of as much as I can when I don't have to pay rent. On the other hand Id like to get out of the parents house because having a GF and living w/ your parents at age 30 SUCKS ASS!!!!! She knows that its temporary and she knows its circumstance, but still its fucking embarrassing. it was one of the 1st things I told her, George Costanza Style (from 2:30 of the video to the end)

That's going great for me BTW. Shes a big sweetheart and everything is progressing nicely! Its going to be a GREAT summer w/ a GREAT girl!

My cat is so damn cute! I forgot how much I miss the little guy! Hes totally a dog! We have to split the house with him and my moms super bitch cat Bridgette. He get st he upstairs, she gets the down. He always comes when I call him and hes SUPER affectionate. Last night he was laying on my stomach and He rolled over and was asleep in the crack of the chair next to me! He was so cute I had to take a pic!

HOW cute is he? I'm glad he's back with me, my ex wife is just too busy to give him the love her needs. Hes an attention whore like his daddy!

Ok folks that's all for now, PEACE!


Aimeepalooza said...

Well, I hope everything works out for you...and seriously? Why do you make so little there? Are they dead or do they keep too many people on a shift?

Bobby G said...

THEY ARE DEAD! Ive been tryin to work at the Arena, but my avail SUCKS!