Monday, February 16, 2009

Bennigans, The Golden Years!

Oh Bennigans, a restaurant I never ate at until I worked there was one of the best jobs i have ever had in my life! I started there in 2000, in early April. I was a host due to my lack of serving exp. I had to bus & seat, and run the show upfront. I was able to quickly progress through the ranks and I became a server in 5 months or so. I still wait tables today. But no longer at Bennigans. Some of the best friends I have ever had or will ever have in My life are from Bennigans. When I started to work at Bennigans at the age of 21, I had never drank before. I managed to make it three or so months before I started to hit the bars & such. Dave, Gabe, AG, Jayme H, and other I still associate w/ regularly! Dave stood in my wedding for god sakes!

My 1st drunk story isn't like that of most people. Mine involved music, and Beer and liquor and some lovely ladies.Most peoples involved a pint or 5th of vodka in their parents bsmt, mine was at a Jimmy Buffet concert at DTE. For those that have never been to a JB concert, it is crazy! Tailgating is like a town, mad inflatable bars & palm trees, people giving free drinks and hot dogs are burgers and smoke. Now I had drank a few times, but have never gotten piss drunk until this day. me Vinny, Katie, Tiffy, Jenny, Gordy and Taka. We all headed out at about 1 o clock or so and got about $120 of beer & liquor. At this stage of the game, i didn't drink beer. It was gross to me! that was about to change thanks to a magical nectar called Labbatt Blue. We got 3 cases of blue. There was 6 people, plus MAD liquor and mixers. WE DRANK IT ALL! Plus we got some in the concert too. Gordy was nice enough to drive us w/o a ticket. So me & Tiffy went out to find one, she offered to show her boobs, but it wasn't necessary, a guy gave us one of his at face value and we were off! I only recall 2 songs from the whole concert, Margaritaville and Brown Eyed Girl. I also seem to recall a situation where Jenny gave me her beer to hold and i killed it all in like 5 seconds! she was like DAMN, you say you never drank before? I also recall Jenny trying to make herself puke. I said UM, do you feel sick, she said No, I said WTF are you doing then, she said I don't know! We got home and I started to sober up enough to drive home. What a great day! Ill never forget it, and Ill always remember the people involved!


Mama Dawg said...

I love Jimmy concerts. The whole party atmosphere is amazing!

supertiff said...

there is so much missing from this story, it's not even funny. also, i have no idea how i remember more than you do, because i woke up the next day looking like someone had taken a baseball bat to my legs.
for real.

Bobby G said...

you recall more than me because it was the 1st time i got drunk! lol