Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tried to be a Trooper, EPIC FAIL

So last night I went to a Harley Group related function. The bitch of it was that I was still showing signs of stomach flu. Had it since late Thursday and its been a bitch. I did however lose 9 lbs, so that's dope! Yesterday I was feeling better. I ate soup and sandwich for lunch, kept it down, so that was exciting. No more temperature, so I decided I was game to go! (I had to roll stat however because I got y GF sick on Wed, I contracted the virus Tues) So I rolled to Weber's Inn. There was a silent auction, and I got my GF a pink Harley Hat (yup still feel guilty).

There was also a bar and a buffet. The only solid food Ive eaten in 3 days was a sandwich at lunch. So for some reason I thought its be OK to eat stuffed chicken, cheesy potatoes and pasta salad. Ive also only drank water and Gatorade for the last 3 days, so I should be able to drink 3 beers right? Oh and an ill advised shot of moonshine...I'm a dumb ass. I get home and I'm in the bathroom shitting again, it has continued so far today. So yeah in closing, I tried to be a trooper last night, and failed miserably!


Michelle said...

Can you come breathe on me? I need to lose 9 lbs! Kidding.

Bobby G said...

LOL ad counting! THANKS STOMACH FLU! lol

Lee said...

Damn I want the stomach flu.

Sure, I only weigh 125. But I have body dysmorphic so I ALWAYS want to lose weight.
But I'm so lazy man.
I treadmill a little everyday. But yeah. Laaazy.

Bobby G said...
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Bobby G said...

Lee, it turned out to be 11 lbs! lol After it was all said & done! lol