Wednesday, February 18, 2009


FINALLY! I got Harley last night (my cat)! MY FANTASTIC GF came along because she LOVES animals (even though she is allergic to cats!) We hit the pet store 1st, needed litter and food! Then we scooped him up! HE HATES CAR RIDES! He makes CRAZY ASS noises, and he is SO SAD when he get sin a car. Its Heart breaking! So we get home and immediately take him up stairs, we set up shop and shut my room door so he can get acquainted. He wanders around finds his food and litter and get his bearings. My mom gets home and brings her evil BITCH cat into the room w/ Harley, he was chill until her cat started growling & hissing! Harley has never hissed ion the 3 yrs Ive had him, and he only growled once, well he started hissing and growling, it was very un-him! I was like WOW! But he was provoked! After that mom took her cat and all of her stuff down stairs. My GF and him bonded, he rubbed his face on her nose and IMMEDIATELY she got all red and a hive formed! I was like OH NO! So I got her some hydro cortisone and it worked in like 10 mins! lol The bitch of it was, that while getting all of his stuff, I forgot to get his Epilepsy meds, Kiddao has epilepsy, it was SUPER bad for a while but the meds work great! He needs a pill twice a day, but he hasn't had a seizure in almost a year thanks to the meds. My GF left and she went home and i went to my house to get Kiddaos meds, ex wife was asleep so she left them out, and I got ready for bed, Harley wasn't ready for bed, he wanted to play! lol He played the lets jump on Bobby Gs face game! lol, though I was annoyed it was so cute! I missed me some Harley! I'm glad hes back (PS I took some pics w/ my new camera, ill get them on here ASAP!)


Sheri said...

Yay for getting your cat back! I wanna see the pics once you get them up! :)

Lee said...

Takes some pics! I wanna see the kitty!