Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Step right up & see the freak, BOBBY G!

OK today I'm a mess! I thought I had to work at 8:30, but I had to work at 8. I actually overslept my 8:30 work time by 25 minutes. So I was NICE and late for the 8am work day! Also in my rush i didn't put a belt on, so that means I am a DOUCHE BAG w/ no belt and tucked in dress clothes, NICE BG REAL NICE. Also i have 2 OBVIOUSLY different shoes on! Its not even close! SEE:

Why so different you ask? well because the Pumas with the fat laces (Cause it was either that or K Swiss) Are because my right foot hurts so damn bad and they are my loosest shoes (Still not all that loose though) I'm still pimp stepping around, so with the combination of 2 different shoes, no belt, and my limp, I look VERY SPECIAL today.


Lee said...

I bet people gave you strange looks.
I probably would.

I'd think that you needed to be in a shelter and were lost.

It's the shoes that would do it.

Bobby G said...

Yeah the shoes were a nightmare, however I learned that I can just not put my foot in all the way and im all good, so TODAY my shoes match..

Deonna said...

too bad you didn't hurt your foot in the summer like me, then you could get the cheapest set of flip-flops and wear them to work. you-know-who would give you dirty looks and you'd be laughing because he couldn't do a damn thing about it.