Monday, January 12, 2009


So I go to get a bad ass Digital SLR camera online last night, been wanting one forever, and my work has a kick ass benefit that they give $2500 every two years for technology, computers, electronics etc. The loan is interest free and its taken out of your check weekly for two years. Well I go online to Amazon, set all the shit up, and pay w/ a credit card. I send it through, get my order confirm, good to go right? WRONG! I get an email a few mins later and it says my CC has been declined. I'm like OK, let me call them. Well apparently I missed I payment, I never got the bill, etc. They say OK, but until they get a payment I cant use said card. OK, so I'm talking to my mom about how the ESPN visa card got declined cause I missed a payment. she said "Which card" I said ESPN, she said uh oh, I threw that bill away. I said "WHAT" yeah apparently the bill says ESPN in the corner even though its a WAMU card. She thought it was one of the seemingly endless streams of ESPN the magazine renewals. She's paying the bill late fee and all, and its cool. But I was like WTF!?


Michelle said...

Why in the hell is your Mom throwing away any of your mail? Even if it is junk?

Bobby G said...

YEAH!WTF!? lol she isnt now...but those ESPN the mag things have been comin to the house for liek 8 years, I told her to throw away all of them cause i didnt want the Mag..