Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lunch Time Stealers!

Ive been at my job for 7 years. 3 years in my current dept. When I first started in my dept, I always took my lunch at 2 pm. Id actually eat lunch on a 15 min break at 11, and then at 2 Id take my "LUNCH BREAK". Well its a GREAT TIME to take your lunch, at least it used to be. See everyone takes their lunch at 12 or 1. So the lunchroom is packed to the gills, microwaves are taken up, and the seating is spotty at best. There are 2 booths one of which I like to use because I spread out the paper, and use the space! At 12, no chance you get one of those, at 2 it was all good! No microwave lines, plenty of seating, shit half the time you'd be the only one there! But there has been a CRAZY movement at my work. More & more folks are switching to the 2pm lunch! I now don't always get a booth, have to wait for a microwave and share the space w/ many people! I understand why the 2pm lunch is great, you get back & you only have 2 hrs left! that's NICE! No lines at restaurants etc, but it sucks for good ol BG. I realize I'm being childish lol, I realize I'm being selfish, but a peaceful lunch is all I want in the day! that's NOT too much to ask!


Michelle said...

Looks like you will have to go back to lunching at noon. maybe everything will be empty then lol.

In reference to your comment. I really enjoy nature shots, I think I just have an eye for them or something. I do not enjoy photographing people. It just never turns out right!
Have fun in Tampa!

Kat said...

Thanks for stopping by the bungalow. I always have lunch around 2pm as well, but my kids eat around noon. I am just too busy to actually sit down and eat when they do.