Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol Live Blog...

Ill be live blogging the American Idol premiere! Get Hyped!

8:04- Young girls bummed out that David Archuletta Lost! So Funny, they seriously acted like it was the end of earth!

8:05- Even AI had a montage

8:06- "Welcome to season 8, Arizona"

8:11- 106 Degrees, and these dumb fucks are outside waiting for a chance!

8:12- Judges Arrive in Limos- The New Judge Kara is fucking hot! She according to Simon has "hits and an opinion"

8:14- yeah Jew Fro Asian! hes dancing like MJ, its not working out! And "Don't stop till you get enough montage" He also has a Bobby G esque Gay walk...Oh man, PS in case you don't know, HE SUCKS! OH HE HAS Yellow TEETH! OH SNAPS

8:17-Yeah careless Whisper Sad Asian Jew Fro Montage!

8:18-Emily Hughes, pink hair, tatted up, HOT, mom was a singer could be good, SHES IS, good singer! Shes totally dissin her band in hope of "Daughtry " fame..PS playing ALONE by Heart one of my All time Jams!

8:20-Commercial Again, REALLY WTF! Last year we DVRd the Episodes, and there was only actually an hour of show, and an hr of commercials BULLSHIT!

8:26- Back! Oh man, Fake rocker douchebag! Randy is a tool! This is gonna change his life "tremensely" Singing Living on a Prayer, tough song, Simon called it "Wimpy" not terrible just not good. WOW, hes crying! Deep Discussion! What a sniveling BITCH

8:32- GOOD SINGER singing some gay ass shit! lol JB I believe? He makes it! Lots of criers today, he wants to help the family, that's noble.

8:34 Michael Gurr- SCARED already, that's not good! lol WORST IVE SEEN SO FAR! TERRIBLE! JESUS! Randy is laughing! Now hes gonna sing a Kara the judge song. he may Vomit....


8:41- Will Kunick! KILLING A tears for Fears Song!, Oh man its a MONTAGE of awful, Celine Dion all coming back to me now, DESTROYED. Dionne Warwick I know Ill never Love this Way again, DESTROYED, man this is TERRIBLE!

8:42- XRAY is this dudes name! Randy is giggling, Born and raised in Phoenix, hes an "entertainer", I BET hes AWFUL! I'm right, hes also dancing bad, hes a double threat! lol Phoenix SUCK! lol Oh man "Swing-a-dell-adoo" Andre XRAY isn't getting it, hes fighting in, Oh here come the bouncers lol.

8:45- Ariana, shes 16, CUTE and she adopts grandparents, she'll be good, thats how they do it on AI! lol LOL Simon w/ an elderly Paula joke! LMAO. SHES GOOD!

8:47-End of day 1- Only 9 people got tickets to Hollywood on day 1.

8:48- COMMERCIAL, this is NUTS!

8:54- Day 2 Starts, Montage of past awfulness

8:55- DEEP ASS VOICE. Hes a cashier, lol. TERRIBLE! SO BAD!

8:57- Lea Marie, 16 yrs old from CT, ANNOYING AS FUCK! A cross between "hillary Duff & Madonna" according to her, and she loves Kara. she has written 100 songs, Shes AWFUL! TERRIBLE! No one is saying yes!

9:00- Stevie Wright, cute, got her name from Stevie Nicks, Singing At Last, tough song, shes doing well, Belting it out! WOW ONLY 16. SHES GOOD,


9:10- Michael Sarver, works on oil rigs, the 5th most dangerous job in the world! He can sing! Boy II men, Thank you, the JAM! Kara called him a sweet roughneck lol, OUCH 4 yeses tho...NICE WINK SIMON

9:12- Here comes a bunch of AWFUL!

9:13- Bikini Girl- Super Cute, but I bet money she cant sing..Simon's eyes got big! Randy is speechless, WOW, she can sing, Kara is being a big bitch, shes jealous! OH SHIT ITS ON! CAT FIGHT! She kissed Ryan NICE!


9:22- Kara is FLY...

9:23- Sexual chocolate in the house..his shirt has a tattoo on it! lol Singing Stevie Wonder, SO TOUGH, but he wasn't awful!

9:26- Oh, crying montage!

9:27- Brianna Quijada- She keeps saying its not happening. For me its not happening, no emotion...No good, shes trying to no avail...WOW SHE MADE IT! WTF?

9:28- she has NO SHOT in Hollywood!


9:34-Deanna Brown- Mooching Families? LOL Soulful voice, shes good! Sexy voice....she made it!

9:37- Cody 17, from the D! nice! represent man! Makes horror films, weird...judges are scared, HE CAN SING! Nice way to represent MI ! He has a crying entourage, and he makes it!


9:44- Simon is making fun of all the people! Asking them what 3 countries would they be popular in, they have NO CLUE!

9:45- Alex, dry sense if humor on this kid! WOW! HES GOOD! didn't expect that! He looked like douche! Cracking jokes, nice, Randy likes him, SIMON HATES HIM! 3 Yeses, hes in!

9:47- Wanted Dead or Alive Montage, Terrible singers, Deep voice Guy is BACK! lol Jew Fro Asian is back! NICE!


9:54- Scott Mcintyre- Born blind, music has compensated for his blindness, hes a classical pianist, tons of practice, good job man! I hope hes good! because what a great story. Singing Billy Joel!! HES GOOD! YAY! All say yes!

9:57- Total 27 tickets given! Phoenix not a bad haul! Tomorrow KC! I will NOT be Doing a live blog tomm, I have to work...plus its a lot of work..Peace out yall!


Michelle said...

I wasn't home last night so I missed it. Thanks for the recap.

Bobby G said...

There ya go! Taken to school!