Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mountain Dew ....The Tacobell Rap

When I was working at Tacobell in the mid to late 90s i made a rap to the tune of Gin & Juice about working there. I made an MP3 of the song, anyone who comments on my blog (Not on Facebook) and gives me their email i will send a copy to. Here it goes! TBC is Tacobell Corporation

With so much drama in the TBC
Its kinda hard bein B O Double B Y G
But um. Somehow someway
people order up funk ass shit like every single day
like May I get a bean burrito no Cheese and
a nachobell Grand in the
Drive Thru 2 in the morning
and my car is still bumpin but I need to get home
We got bitches in the dining room, they are eatin
and they wont be leavin till 11 in the evenin
So what ya wanna do shit
I got a pocket full of hotsauce & my homeboys do to.
So turn off the lights & lock the doors
but for what? cause its time to close
But an ounce of beans on this
Gs up Hoes Down while you motherfuckers eat to this

Rollin down the street eatin tacos
Sippin on MOUNTAIN DEW Laid back
With the mind on my tacos & the tacos on my mind
Rollin down the street eatin tacos
Sippin on MOUNTAIN DEW Laid back
With the mind on my tacos & the tacos on my mind

Now that I got me some mountain dew
Everybody got they cups & they want some too
Cause this type of shit happens all the time
Ya got to eat yours but fool I gotta eat mine
everything is FINE when you're working in the TBC
I make the cultivating tacos who be captivating he
Who eats them, so listen when I speak
and everybody know you get free refills on the drinks
I remember 1 time there was this lady (Lady)
Who came up to the counter complaining(oh that bitch)
80 degrees when i tell that bitch please
if you want some extra cheese, you know that shit ain't free
AT EASE, as I open up the WINDOW feel the breeze biaatch im just


Later on that day
a family came in w/ an order that was REALLY damn Grande
with a fat ass bag, of food I swear it was no joke
But they want more, I had to back up off of it and set the bag down
Extra hot & mild yeah they all set now,
Aint no stoppin ran out of boxes
Had to call the store in the city of Ypsi
to serve me, when im through with all of that stuff
I go back to the store and finish my shift up
Dont get upset girl thats just how it goes
I dont love them hoes I love NACHOS and ill be






With my mind on those tacos and the tacos on my mind


Michelle said...

Omg! You just made me shoot coffee out of my nose. Funny shit!

Bobby G said...

You got the MP3 its WAY funnier!

Anonymous said...

I want it

Aimeepalooza said...

That was funny Bobby. You know what else is funny??? That you worked at Taco Bell.

Anonymous said...

I want it too!!! I love that song!

Bobby G said...

Aimee, its true! From age 16 to 20 lol,

Heidi said...

I want one plz
this is Heidi

Lee said...

Hahaha oh jeese that's great!
That's like the song I made for the boomers on left for dead.

Sheri said...

That is great! lol You should get it to the Taco Bell execs - you could totally be the next big thing. Oh! Or put it on youtube.

Oh, P.S. - Tag you're it!