Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Harley & BG Reunited!

So my cat Harley ha stayed w/ the ex wife because my mom has a crazy bitch cat who hates the earth! Well after some convincing my mom has decided to let Harley in the house, neither cat has front claws so they cant do that much damage to each other! Ive been missing Harley (AKA Kiddao, pronounced Kiddo) he was my little buddy, so on Fri I got a hold of the ex and asked her if I could take Harley off her hands, she was happy to oblige because she just re-started school, and cant give him all the attention that he needs (OK, Wants),Im super excited! here is some pics of Kiddao!


Cat said...

Cute cat. Can I have him?

Question: will he hump stuffed animals? That's very important to me in a pet.

Bobby G said...

No Kiddao is fixed, and therefore hes SANS sex drive, he does however love everyone! No you cant have him!
Hes my buddy!

Lee said...

Oh my goodness, cute!!
He has a white beard. I love that.