Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crown Victorias The Civilian Issue Police Cars

So im running late this morning, so to make up for it I was driving, how should I say this? A little bit faster than I should. I come around the corner near EMUs stadium & im doing about 11 over, when I see a police car, I slam on my brakes & look like an idiot! As I get closer I see the police car isnt one at all, its just a late 90s Dark blue (Police blue?) Crown Victoria, the driver just turns left & goes about his business. Im mildly freaking out & then im just pissed, so as i drive away i decided there should be a rule, all civilian owned Crown Vics should be Bright orange. You never see any Crown Vics that arent Dark blue or white EVER! I think Chevy was like, "hmmmmmmm how can we scare the shit out of the public on a regular basis, I got it make civilian Police cars look like regular poluice, cars." I mean i shouldnt of been speeding , but damn! lol


Becky said...

I f*cking HATE that they let people buy decommissioned police cars to use as personal vehicles. Seriously?! Makes me want to rear end them because you know they're getting a kick out of watching everyone slow down or get tense when they roll up to an intersection. You're right, they should have to paint those things orange!

Aimeepalooza said...

My ex drove a black impala. The big ones they only made for a few years and people would always slam on their brakes as we pulled up behind them. I thought it was funny. My guess is people buy cop colors on purpose, for fun.