Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why Hip Hop is Dead........

In 2006 legendary rapper Nas, released an album called Hip Hop is Dead. It was a critical success, but it caused a firestorm of controversy because some people really dont believe hip hop is dead.

It is. it seems like every other week there is a new worst song ever.
Everything I hear nowadays is garbage, except stuff from established artists from when hip hop was good and a few newcomers such as Kanye West.
Some of the best selling singles of 2007 were
Soulja Boy Crank Dat

Flo-rida Low

DJ Khalid Im So hood

Playaz Circel Ft Lil Wayne Duffle Bag Boy

WOW those are bad... Hip hop has turned into a beat and a hook & thats it! The rest of the song has become irrelevant. Now everyone has an opinion to when hip hop started to die. For me it was when cash Money Millionares stepped on the scene. it was about 1997, Biggie & 2Pac where gone & it was kind of a free for all as far as hip hop went. Take this song by BG(no relation) Bling Bling

It became about money and nothing else. It wasnt about surviving in the hood it was about having 6 Bentleys. It wasnt about growing up, it was about throwing up on Crystal Champagne. Some of the best rap songs ever to me are:
Outkast ATLiens, bad ass beat an great lyrics are a reason why Outkast has been around since 1994

Eminem Stan- Even though Eminem has fallen far now, when this song came out he was as good as he ever was. Creatively probably the best hip hop song of all time.

2pac Hit em up. Probably the most harash diss song ever, its 2pac goin off on Notorius BIG

NAS New York state of Mind- The best from one of the greatest

There are hundreds more, but did you notice a difference between these and the top songs of 2007? Maybe lyrics? Beats? hooks? They are all superior, its really crazy when you think about hip hop history, take the top 9 albums from 1996 for instance:
9. Busta Rhymes- The coming
8. UGK-Ridin Dirty
7. Redman-Muddy Waters
6. DeLaSoul-Stakes is High
5. Fugees-The Score
4. Ghostface Killah-Ironman
3. Outkast-ATLIens
2. Jay-Z-Reasonable Doubt
1. 2pac-All Eyez on Me.

Everyone of these albums can be considered classics.
I own all 9. At this time it seemed like every week a classic album was coming out, it was a great time for Hip hop, I cant remember the last time a new album came out that was considered a classic from front to back, its a tough time to be a hip hop fan right now. Almost all of these groups still release songs, but even they have seemed to slip. Outkast may be the exception, every album they reinvent themselves. 2pac has been dead since 1996, but he still turns out albums thanks to the massive amount of tracks he rcorded before he dies (some say over 200) These people are the only links to the last we still have. I live in Hip Hops past, I could count on both hands the amount of albums I have from new atrists since 2000. Here are the albums i always go back to when im feeling sad about the state of hip hop.
10. Ice Cube-Lethal injection
9. Bone Thugs N Harmony- E. 1999 eternal
8. Jay-Z Blueprint
7. 2pac All Eyez on me
6. Notorious BIG Ready to Die
5. Eminem- The slim Shady LP
4. Dr Dre The Chronic
3. Thuglife (2pac) Volume 1
2. Outkast Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik
1. Snoop Dogg Doggystyle.
I know most of these albums by heart & love them all, to me these 10 albums really defined hip hop and they are huge albums that wrote the history of hip hop.

In closing id like to say that I will always be a fan of hip hop, I can live in the past as much as I need to and hope that there is a future, maybe hip hop hasnt died, but its for sure on life support, lets not pull the plug just yet.


Becky said...

I think hip hop is dead because I don't like hip hop, and things I don't like must die! j/k. I don't think it's just hip hop that's slipping though. I'm not a huge music buff, and my taste in music is, admittedly, crap. That being said, I've noticed that a lot of music is slipping and even with my crap taste in music I'm going "This sucks!" about a lot of stuff lately. I don't like hip hop, or R&B, but even rock and alternative rock bands are producing crap stuff lately, and it's a little sad. Here I am at 26, switching over to NPR because I can't find anything worth listening to on the radio.

Aimeepalooza said...

Hip Hop is dead. And, I think Nas and the Dead Pres are the only acts putting out good hip hop music. Even Kanye sucks now I mean, "You can be my black Kate Moss tonight?" Ugggg

Bobby G said...

Becky, I agree music is slipping bigtime. Fortunately for me I have always loved classic rock & soul, I dont need new music to be entertained, I very much live in the past lol

Aimee, Nas is still dope I never got into dead pres, and there are also tons of good underground hip hop, as far as Kanye goes, yeah that 1 line is lame, but using a techno song as a beat is pretty genius (only because Daft punk actually plays on the track)