Saturday, August 16, 2008

Better Anthem?

Whitney Houston's Anthem at the 1991 Super bowl has ALWAYS been the golden standard for national anthems. She tore it up at a time when we were at war and needed someone to bring us together

However during the Olympics they have been playing the National anthem at the 1983 NBA allstar game by Marvin Gaye,

My question to you is which is better? I vote for Marvin, he tore it up w/ a whole different very soulful arrangement. DISCUSS


Aimeepalooza said...

Marvin but I hate the drum machine background. The Whitney one is amazing, though. Makes me realize how f-ed up she really got to see the before and after Whitney.

Ubish said...

I always preferred Enrico Pallazzo's National anthem. And the ramparts we watched... ah da da da da da

Bobby G said...

Yeah Ubish thats a good one, and the rockets red glare, bunch of bombs in the air.