Monday, August 25, 2008

Bobby G & Motorcycling, a history.

Motorcycling, a way of life, a stress reliever, a good way to kill 4 hrs on a Sunday, its an adrenaline rush, a passion,and a way of life. I learned how to ride a bicycle at 4 yrs old. I picked it up in just a few hours, I rode up & down my driveway for hours that 1st day, 2 weeks later my dad got me my 1st dirtbike a 1981 Yamaha PW 50 pic below:

After that I was hooked! I would go up north with the family & wed ride 40 or 50 miles when i was 4 and 5, when i was 7 I got a yamaha 80cc bike it was my first bike ww/ a clutch & i had a hell of a time, lots of wipeouts & broken clutch levers in those days, but I picked it up eventually. A few years later I got an early 80s Honda 80cc bike. I rode that for several years, but I kinda got out of dirtbike riding. It kinda became a chore, so fast forward until i was 15. I got a Honda Spree moped, it was good times! I took a motorcycle safety class & passed (barely) and was now legal to ride on the roads. I got a Yamaha XS special II 1981

At the same time I got a new dirtbike that was street legal a 1990 Dr 250

I didnt neeed 2 bikes so I sold the Yamaha, I used the DR for several years as a commuter bike but never really went riding on it. It worked great for what i used it for though, never had any problems w/ it.
Well when i was about 22 I was itching for a real street bike & I wanted a Harley. I looked at several used Sportsters (All I could afford) and settled on a 1995 XLH

I rode it MAYBE 3000 mi in 4 years, it was small & uncomfy but I really wanted a Harley so I settled for it. then i got my current bike. I paid off my car and decided to get my dream bike a 2005 Harley Davidson Springer Classic

I love this bike! in 3 years I now have over 15,000 mi Been to Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio West VA & many other great places! Cant wait to add many more to the list!