Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things I Like That I Shouldn't Because They are Gay!

Everyone has guilty pleasures, that movie or song or TV show that you like but shouldn't, Most people keep them to themselves though, im laying mine RIGHT on the line, keep in mind im not gay HERE WE GO! We will start w/

1. The Hills
The MTV Uberdrama keeps me glued to the screen, I started watching this when my wife was at home watching TV and i was too hungover to go to the other room. I became instantly hooked. It was great! tons of drama to enjoy. also the chicks are SMOKING hot! Also there is a lot of backstabbing going on on the show which makes for good TV. People have said the show is staged or fake, i don't really care! just keep it coming on Monday Nights MTV

2. Project Runway-Ah Heidi Klum. The blonde beauty could pretty much do anything & id watch it, but this show actually keeps me entertained. Who thought that id enjoy a bunch of gay guys making clothing. But i do, tons of drama and some really nice, and also hideous clothing. Every show they have a challenge, they have a certain amount of time to create a garment for said challenge, ranging from couture dresses to clothes for female wrestlers. Then at the end they have a runway show to show their dresses, and models who are also competing on the show, model the clothing. then the judges say what the like & what they hate and toss people off the show, its super entertaining & leaves ya glued to your seat.


Miley Cyrus-Thats right, I said it. Im ashamed, but the songs I have heard by her are catchy as shit. Shes super cute but not yet hot because she isnt 18 lol

Its Raining Men, The Weather Girls- Yeah im pretty sure this is like the Gay anthem of earth lol Its a catchy ass song though!Also bonus points for it being Homer Simpsons favorite song.


Moulin Rouge- Yeah I know, you are thinking really? but it has Nicole Kidman at her all time hottest as Satine, the tragic singer/prostitute. The music is great it is all popular songs redone broadway style. Roxanne, Your Song, diamonds are a girls best friend, and many others! Ewan Macgregor is awesome too & can sing really well also! I saw it when a girl I dated insisted I watch it w/ her, but with much fight I decided id do it. Ive always been a huge fan of musicals. Ever since I was a little kid. Everything I feel is better w/ music, that includes movies! I really enjoyed the colors & the songs and the performances are great! Watch it, if you are man enough lol!

There you have it, all my favorite guilty pleasures, let the judging of me begin!


Ubish said...

Yeah, but you get back a couple of straight points for It's Raining Men because it's Homer Simpson's favorite song.

Bobby G said...

Thanks man i needed that lol

Becky said...

I know a few guys who like Moulin Rouge, and while I have to question the love of Miley Cyrus, I can't dispute that Project Runway is weirdly entertaining. I Tivo it every week and every week I'm like "These people are nuts!". Tonight they're doing an episode where they make dresses for drag queens. It's going to be HILARIOUS!

Bobby G said...

Yeah tonights gonna be the hype shit! lol

Aimeepalooza said...

ba ha ha ha! Next time we play Rock star I'll try to find a Miley song for you to sing