Friday, August 29, 2008

The Time Has Come!

UM FOOTBALL! Every August millions of people wait in anticipation as the UM football team straps on their cleats for a new year. This year however is different than its been in the last several years. New coach, new offense, new QB, New RB, mostly new O line, its gonna be a fun year! Interesting, but fun. Now basic logic would say if we lose this many players we could be in trouble, the X-factor is however Rich Rodriguez. The very successful coach from WVU. He has a very successful offensive plan the problem is UM hasn't recruited for this offense EVER. RR had a few recruits at the end of the year he snagged to get some personnel in, but at QB we are going in cold. I'm excited more this year than any year in recent memory. I'm excited for the offense, and not just running left, I'm excited for the defense that returns the whole D line and perhaps one of the nations best CB tandems. But basically I'm excited to see what RR can do. If we have a bad year now, its not such a big deal, I believe a coach needs 3 yrs to get his personnel in after that then we can judge RR. This year lets have fun, UM is an underdog this year, lets see if we can relish in it!


Aimeepalooza said...

Hail, hail to Michigan!