Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kmart Interviewee

So I needed to get my cat Harley some kitty litter, I went to a store near my house but it was all organic & only had the hippy kitty litter, IE organic and thus itll make my basement smell like cat piss/shit, not cool, so I decided id roll to K-mart to pickup some fresh step & be out. I get there and there is a guy sitting on the bench in the lobby w/ an application, he has a light blue polo on a red puffy beard and a red jew fro and on his shirt he had a BBQ stain, no shit the size of a tennis ball. I was like WTF? I mean I know its K-mart, but damn at least try. I told my friend Casey he should apply and come w/ a blue polo w/ no stain, K-mart would hire him for sure, infact im sure the only criteria to getting a job there is not having a giant stain on your shirt