Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I know its prob a little early to say this but their bats came alive last night after damn near 30 scoreless innings. 5-0 Twins heading into the 6th. The tigers have a 4 run sixth. The twins get 4 in the 7th, thanks to a Pudge Rodriguez error, the tigers are down 9-4. I turned the channel at that point, but kept flipping back. Soon after a HUGE 8th the tigers are up 11-9, who hit the game winning triple? PUDGE, thats how the game finished, w/ some anxious moments from Todd Jones per usual. Hopefully this is the start of the Tigers season! If so I am super excited, its about time GO TIGERS!


Aimeepalooza said...

Go Tigers, go Wings, go Pistons...man if only the Lions started to do well...
Good to see you blogging. I will for sure be in to your new job for some beer and pizza.
(from the Arena)

Bobby G said...

Word Girl!