Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Now as many of you folks know, I along with my friends the DNE are quite amazing at the bar game name this tune. For you not familiar with the game, a DJ will lay a 10-30 second segment of a song & you get points for title & artist. Well in 2002, we were a FORCE at this game, it was the same people every tuesday like clock work. We were the 1 qualifiers BY FAR (though some of that had to do w/ Goodies Never ending wallet & shot purchases lol)

SO we are invited to Canton Ohio for the championships, Now we all have cars, but for the DNE (the Crew consisted of, Me, Tommy, OE, Dave & Gary Fritts, & I believe that was it) We had to roll Big Time, Enter Dave & Gary Fritts' Parents, We rolled down there fat in a WINNEBAGO! It was dope, fully stocked fridge, & poor Gary Fritts driving, we all drank & rehearsed our skit (more on this later) and we got to Canton in no time, well since we were in a rolling hotel lodging fees were minimal, OK they were nothing! Well we all chipped in for gas..

There were several teams (16 I think) And the 1st round was 100 songs, title & artist 2 points for each, & spelling counted (or something stupid like that) So outta 16 teams we were 13th, we knew that there was NO WAY we were gonna win this event, so we started drinking, and drinking, and drinking, We Drank so damn much we drank the bars outta coors light tall boys. It was spectacular, we were in full party mode. The top four teams got to do a skit, lip synching & they got points towards the finals. We rehearsed our skit (Back Street Boys Get Down) and even though we werent in the top 4 they lt us do it anyway because we were drunkin Rock stars lol Now We rehearsed our skit on the way & we were shit canned, we were lipsynching AWFULLY! We looked like dogs w/ peanut butter on our lips. The funniest part was every one loved us, mainly because we were so awful, but it turned out that everyone elses skits were AMAZING! They had props & backgrounds & matching outfit & shit, we were way out of our league! It was crazy!

Well there was a chick that one of our buddies was hangin out with all night & he was kinda playing her off, she wanted to hang out & she said what can i do? He said bye all my boys beers all night & SHE DID! We drank fro free from like 10pm-2am, We were WASTED! I was so drunk i drank Gary's Tobacco Spitter, it was gross but I was so drunk I didnt care, it was terrible, but I didnt puke & now its funny. Well unfortunately I had an admirer as well. She was what could be categorized as a grenade, she was the ugly friend. she looked like a Fat Darlene from Roseanne, I kept fending her off all night & finally the time of the night came & we decided to retire.

I got to the Winnebago & am about to cash out. Well this Ugly girl comes into the Winnebago & jumps in the bed. She said I have all this energy, how can You help me with that? Now I should preface this by saying that what I said to her has become stuff of legend. It wasnt my intention at the time, but heres what happened. I said to her "You can give me some head" She said to me :"I dont do that" I told her "I thought everything Blew in Ohio!" Now before I said this I knew 1 of 2 things would happen. 1. Shed leave which is cool, 2. Ill get head also cool. Well she left but my boys were going APESHIT! It was Glorious! Well the next day it was time to go home. We are driving home & We are invited to Name This Tune at The Distillery in toledo OH. We all call off work the next day & decide to go. We are met up with by a few friends. Kara & Brandon Sands. We had a blast. I dont recall so much of that night except we DRANK, ALOT & won the game. All in all it was one of the greatest times of my whole life.



tiffany said...

don't forget to tell the story about jumping on the grenade in key west...

Bobby G said...

I may just have to lol Me & fritts talked about that this weekend actually lol