Sunday, April 13, 2008

Be careful/Be safe!

As a motorcycle rider, I run into folks on the road all the time. People love to talk about your bike or their bike, or their OLD bike from when they were 15,  its good conversation & usually good times. Almost always though after one of these random conversations, someone will tell me "be safe" or "Be careful". I mean its different when its your parents or wife or someone who actually cares, but some random stranger will never know what happens to me after I talk to them & get back on the road. I acknowledge that every time I ride my bike I could die, its part of the territory when you get on a two wheeled machine. A car, any road hazard or a lady on a cell phone could easily be the end of my days. Now why do people tell me to be safe/be careful? I always tell them I will but in my mind im thinking How the hell do you expect me to be. Do they expect me to immediately go to a bar drink 8 beers & drive 120 just to see what happens? Do they expect me to go the wrong way on the expressway & see if I can dodge the cars? I know these people mean well & all & I for sure dont want to die, but  IM ALWAYS as careful as I can be, its not like I was thinking of doing something stupid, but then I talked to Mike & was like man, you really put it in perspective, I will be careful thanks, oh well, its part of 2 wheeled life I guess.