Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Debt Gets An Ass Whoopin!

Well , im in debt.  It sucks. I mean everyone is in debt, but IM IN DEBT! Just in credit cards its around $19,000. Well Ive cut up all my credit cards & have pretty much gotten used to the fact ill never have them again, what i havent gotten used to is the fact I am strugglin to pay the minimums & never have any money EVER! So I decided to do a few things, 1st I got another job, thats gonna be key later, but also im getting a loan, co-signed with my mom to pay it all off in 5 yrs or to pay the SHIT out of it to get it done in 2 yrs. maybe 3, Im gonna be SO happy to get it done, Its been a long journey, & I have some cool shit, dont get me wrong, ill have the HOUSE & THE BIKE,  but no high Interest Credit Cards hangin over my head. Ill have money again & Im excited about it, Those reading this, im sure I owe you a beer! Love all you folks