Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Supertiff & the Track

Now ever since I was a lower case G, OK 21, supertiff has been my friend. we met at Bennigans 7 yrs ago & have had so many great times, this one is the latest.
It was a gorgeous 62 degrees w/ the sun shining, we needed a beer or 2 at Sidetrack in Ypsilanti MI , we sat conversated & had a general good time. She worked at the Arena for 7 yrs & she had recently been let go if you would & she wanted to talk to me about it, with out divulging too much info, it was BULLSHIT! We enjoyed tasty appetizers & had some Newcastles & such. Overall a great time w/ a great friend!


tiffany said...

i told you it would be easy to start a blog...i'll be back tomorrow to read more.

i'm so excited for you!
let me know if you need any help...

Bobby G said...

Dont you worry I will!