Friday, April 11, 2008

The Problem w/ XM Radio....

In general I love XM radio, there are tons of great stations & they play all kinds of jams. However my BIG issue w/ it is Who decides the order of the songs? Perfect example, on the way to work this morning I hear

Lit-My Own Worst Enemy
GNR- Paradise City
Boyz II Men- End of the Road,
All good songs ill say, then for no good reason the decided to play Savage Garden Truly madly deeply. Savage Garden was amongst the WORST shit of the 90s, every song was SO TERRIBLE!, they were like Air supply but w/o the catchy songs, Just the Gayness lol Snl did great parody of it.

It Happens ALL THE TIME! ON the Hip Hop station, theyll play 3 great songs then some crazy 1982 shit & they all sound like the impersonation of black guys doing white guy voices with lines like this
I was walkin down the street
Shufflin My Feet
Looking for a real Fly Girlie to meet
I feel you can ease into the Awful. Maybe on the 90s you play, Lit, GNR, Boyz II Men, Mellissa Etheridege, Rod Stewart, then Savage Garden lol,. At least get me prepared. Another thing theyll do is play 3 good songs then some AWFUL 90s dance Song by like Cathy Dennis or someone, XM I HATE YOU! But damnit, do i respect you!


Brian said...

Sirius FTW!

Bobby G said...

LOL Im sure sirius does that shit too!