Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Interesting Ride on the way to Work

So im riding to work this morning & im about 20-30 ft behind a Moped, Well, the moped hits a pump & its tour pack flies in the air, im Like OH SHIT! I could tell it was gonna hit the ground as I got to it, but even fully on the brakes I knew id have to swerve so I did to the right & it went left, I ran up on the kid & told him to pull over, he did, I told him what happened, & he seemed pissed (Id be too) His Tour Pack damn near exploded on impact & all his stuff was all over the road I felt bad for the kid but I had to go to work & was running late, so i didnt have time to help him clean his stuff up. Im really GLAD I avoided it, If id of hit it I may of went down & I for sure wouldve had damage to the bike, Kinda woke me up a bit though lol