Wednesday, December 3, 2008

(Saturn) Skys The Limit

The Saturn Sky...the main focus on Saturn's remodeled new line. At first glance it appears to be a fairly bad ASS roadster. But upon further review ITS STILL A SATURN! Dress it up anyway you want it is still a Saturn. Saturn's are the girliest car manufacturer, (The Mazda Miata & the Pontiac Sunfire are however the girliest cars) w/ their no haggle pricing, and woman friendly sales pitch. Its a good thing to have a car company that is pressure free and doesn't try to take advantage of women buyers, but why are you making a roadster? I DONT GET IT! It has 173 HP its a 4cyl, read Its not that fast. (I should preface this by saying there is Saturn Sky Redline that offers a 260 HP 4 cyl standard) But in general it looks a lot faster than it is. So who buys Saturn Skys? Well apparently Tim Gunn from Project runway has one, is Saturn trying to corner the gay fashion designer market? Thatd be a smart move! Also you see many of the same people driving these who drive Mazda Miatas, mid life crisis guys who think they are getting a bad ass sports car...In closing Id like to say the Saturn Sky is a cool looking car, but looks can be deceiving...