Monday, December 29, 2008

Bye Bye 2008, Get the Fuck Out and Good Riddance...

2008 Sucked..I mean REALLY REALLY Sucked. 2007 was great, it was supposed to be a great year, but everything came tumbling down. In 2007, I got married, got a house, Here are some of the awful memories ill never forget...Stupid 2008.

Got Divorced. Me and Bridgette just didn't work out married. We both had issues that ended up being too much to handle. We never should've gotten married, it just seemed like the next step. We were together 4 yrs, lived together, and we were in love, but in the end, we are just better as friends. The friendship isn't really blossoming right now, but over time I think it can work.

The divorce led to us having to sell our house. Which we are gonna lose our ass on! We are doing a short sale which is gonna mildly fuck up our credit for a few years. The bitch of it is that I spent all of my savings on bonds on the down payment, I could've used that money to pay off debt. Another thing that's a problem too is that I NEVER REALLY WANTED THE HOUSE. I knew I couldn't afford it but I knew it'd be a good investment, so I went for it. It wasn't a good investment at all. It may of been if we kept it for longer than 2 years. The market is garbage, Ypsi house are losing 2% OF THEIR VALUE EVERY MONTH, so its rough now. Hopefully we can get this house sold, and move the fuck on.

I lost two dear friends this year. Mike Flemming and Tom Snell. Mike got killed by a drunk driver in Aug in Milwaukee WI. he was a dear family friend. Tom died on a ride in Dallas from a massive heart attack at a friends house. Both of these men were great family men, and both were amazing people. Both deaths were so tragic. We will never forget you guys! RIP gentlemen.

UM football went 3-9, the worst season ever. We didn't go to a bowl game for the 1st time in 33 years. We lost to MSU, OSU and Notre Dame, It was terrible! Now I don't blame coach Rod yet, he was ill suited to run his offense. The team will be good in a few years, UM will be back to national prominence soon!

The Lions went 0-16. The Worst team in the history of the NFL. They never gave up but they just weren't good enough. I blame the ownership, the Fords are AWFUL. With them owning the team, we will never win anything, they just don't give a fuck.

Now it wasn't all bad, I met a great girl at the end of 2008. She's a big sweetheart and 2009 looks bright with her. 2009 EXCITES ME. It cant really be worse than 2008. I'm looking forward to leaving this piece of shit year behind. Oh one more little 2008 bonus, I have to work my 2nd job on New Years ever till 2, I don't even get to send 2008 off with a bang. Fuck you 2008, good riddance!


Cat said...

Isn't it funny how we have a mental "reset" button with each new year. Really, nothing is different but the number on the calendar, but we use the mark to distinguish between the end of one thing (good or bad) and the beginning of another. Fascinating.

I love how you threw in the sports right down underneath the eulogy. At least the buddies were first!

Best of luck next year!

Bobby G said...

HA! Exactly! Buddies go 1st, but sports is 2nd in my priorities...Yeah but good call on the mental reset button,

Bobbie Leigh said...

2009 will be better- I think it's fair to say that '08 sucked for everyone.
I'm so sorry to hear about your friends, it's really hard to deal with losing them that way.