Sunday, December 7, 2008

Love lost...NOT SO FAST!

MY divorce is final this Thursday. Its fuckin surreal! Though in my own eyes I have been divorced for 3 or so months, the finality of it is so serious! I am in GREAT Spirits, ready for this part of my life to be done so I can start over. The process of starting over seemed daunting. Meeting a new person that you are compatible with is HARD! Believe it or not, not everyone can handle Bobby G! lol. Being single BLOWS! I Miss having someone. Well I found someone. She is smart funny, pretty, and all in all amazing! I know you are prob thinkin, "Bobby G its to soon!" You know what, there is no such thing as too soon! Its be STUPID of me to fight this potentially GREAT thing because its "Too Soon". There is going to be a growing period for sure! But so far so good! She brightens my days & my spirits. I still have tough days (Thanksgiving comes to mind) but she is there to help me through! The "honeymoon" period here is AWESOME! So heres to starting a new chapter as one closes.Me & my ex wife are still friends, initially I thought the 5 years we had together were a waste, I know now that that isnt true! It was never bad until the end, I loved my exwife, but thy say when you love something let it go, I am doing that, and I couldnt be happier!