Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WTF Wednesday!

Welcome to WTF Wednesday! An exciting chronicle of things that piss me off!!!!! 

American Idol, WTF? I was all braced for a 2 hr super hype excitement of awesomeness, and what do I get? Chicago...I love the city of Chicago, but in like 20,000 people they got 13 people to Hollywood, 13...Chicago, YOU SUCK! 

Recipes, why do all of you need like a 1/2 oz of milk...I don't drink milk, I'm not gonna buy a carton of milk to make my cheesy suck Knorr (formerly Lipton) WTF

When I moved in to my apt in August I bought a cheap set of silverware, granted I know it was a cheap set, but now its rusty as shit, I don't really enjoy tetanus w my meal...WTF???? 

In Country songs they always say we made love like it was the first time. The first time? The first time? So it was awkward, and finished quickly? WTF? lol

I hate how dry my apt is. It's seriously nuts. As soon as I step in I need to make a B-Line to the lotion or ill be an itching fool! WTF? A humidifier is in order for SURE!!!! 

Im so tired of traffic lately! Its been crazy, and for NO REAL REASON! It doesn't make sense! Its really slow, then we just start going, no obstruction, no stalled car in the median, no cop pulling someone over, NOTHING. WTF

Hate that song by Owl City,  Fireflies...Every time I hear it I wanna hit something, its like torture for your soul...WTF


Anonymous said...

Every time I hear Owl City I can feel the aneurysm that it originally created in my brain GROWING. That song blows.

You can substitute water for milk, no problem!

Sarah said...

IKEA for silverware BG! I got mine for $25/ set and it's nice. No problems and I've had it for like 4 years :)

Toni said...

You have American Idol, we have X-factor (though so will you apparently haha) - it takes almost 4 months out of people's lived - WTF?!!!!

Lee said...

Always get stainless steel silverware, even if it's cheap.

So that you don't DIE.