Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Update....

So this weekend was kind of like a fantasy world! It was a world of celebration, happiness, sadness, excitement, and all other kinds of emotions! The Bennigans closing shindigs were AMAZING!!!! We sent Bennigans out like a champ! I felt like I was 22 again lol, but the reality hit when 3 days of partying took its toll yesterday! I didn't work till 5 but I was in ROUGH shape! 

Financially, the plan has been put into effect. I have 3 of the 4 steps started! I cooked on Saturday night, just spaghetti, but since I boiled water I count it lol. I did a mega grocery shop, including ingredients to make a few other meals! I'm excited about cooking stuff for myself, I'm a grown ass man, the time has come!!!! I'm still very intimidated though, see I can follow directions well, but some of that shit is so vague. WTF is a pinch? WTF does brown the mat mean? Is that not cooking it? stuff like that I need to figure out still, but I'm excited either way! 

Friday I opened a savings account and set up my direct deposit. I'm excited about having emergency money stashed away because I have no nest egg right now. If something happens, I'M SCREWED. 

Ive also started Netflix, which is exciting cause I love DEXTER! Season 3 is pretty good so far, but its no season 2! 

The $20/wk for going out hasn't happened yet, its because of the Bennigans closing. I had to go out, but don't worry! I no longer carry my debit card around, so I HAVE to use cash. Which is gonna help me w the spending. 

OK folks, happy Tuesday! Hope all my bloggy friends are doing well!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! 


Sarah said...

It looked like a BLAST! I was SO pissed I missed it!

I think "brown the meat" is used when you don't have to fully cook it because later in the recipe it will cook some more. Like a casserole. You should sear the chicken but it's okay if it's raw in the middle because it will cook through in the oven or whatever...If you cook it all the way through beforehand it gets dry when it cooks for more time in the oven.

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

What she said about browning the meat is right, unless you're doing it for tacos or something in which case you'll want to cook it all the way through, haha! I have tons of easy recipes up on my site. Don't be afraid to cook! It's so fun, and even if you make mistakes it doesn't matter. It's still going to taste good!

I'm super proud of you putting your plan into action! Get it!

Lee said...

Glad you're really starting to use your financial plan.
I hope things get in order and it's all worth it in the end. :)