Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WTF Wednesday!!!!!

Three blogs in a row? WTF BG? lol 

So this morning I arise as I always do, and I go to the living room, get the mail, and I have bills as always. One in particular though caught my eye. a bill from Dr Norbert, a dentist, who pulled my wisdom teeth in MAY! I open it up, $550.27. FROM MAY! 8 months ago WTF

Lane Kiffen, head football coach at Tennessee is leaving after 14 months! Way to go asshole! way to leave the kids you recruited, the team you inherited and the school who gave your bitch ass a shot! WTF

Mark McGwire was on steroids? REALLY? Who didnt know this? The earth knew this, now he confessed and its news? WTF

Did anyone see American Idol last night? Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams looked like she was about 4 seconds away from death. She was so thin and tanned and bugged eyed. She looked like a fuckin alien, WTF

My brokeassness has reached critical levels, it's gonna be a rough ride, like I needed more drama WTF

I ordered  a Wallet from ebay like 3 weeks ago, I don't think I'm gonna get it, WTF? Time to dispute the charge...

OK Bloggy land have a great Wed!!!


Cassie said...

Lane Kiffin sucks and he sits down to pee. The pansy. Anyway found your blog by way of Candice. Thinking I might have to lurk for a bit :o)

Tracy said...

Find out why they took so long to bill you! Sheesh!!!

PS - I hate the dentist. So I'd also tell them to eff off. But that's just me. hehehee

blueviolet said...

I thought Victoria looked pretty horrid last night too and why the need to tan to the point of resembling crispy bacon?

Lee said...

Dispute the damn wallet.
I hate some people on Ebay.
I've gotten all my shit, but I've had trouble with it coming damaged.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

leaving a comment for a couple of posts in this one, as I'm just getting caught up.

Yes VB did look like death last night. Yuck. And I heart The Jersey Shore...really, like love it so much I can't even get embarrassed about loving it no mo'.

Mandie said...

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