Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RTT:, and other stuff!!!!

Its true, Ive been slacking like a mug. Between that, and the lack of commenting on other blogs, I understand where all my love went. Also the fact that many of my posts were kinda depressing doesn't help, people like the funny BG, I do too! He's back though, usually, ever so often sad hits, but I'm doing well! So now its time for the random Tuesday love that we have all came to love from my girl the Unmom. Enjoy!!! 

The Tacobell Drive through Diet? Are you shitting me? I don't care if that chick says she lost 54 lbs eating Tacobell. I call BS, there had to be other stuff at work here. She didnt walk, so it cant be like Jared, all she did was drive her car in Tacobell Drive Thru, and order items that are exactly the same except minus cheese. Anyone else see any way this could work? Yeah..me neither. 

Has anyone priced liquor lately? I went to get some for a friend and it seemed really expensive. I haven't bought liquor in like 4 yrs. Is it made w unicorn blood now? Cause thatd do it! lol 

Ive Been Immersed in music as of late! I have Great headphones and song I used to fuck up lyrics in are so much clearer I can now figure them out! One of my favs Prince, Seven, it goes, 

And we will see a plague and a river of blood
And every evil soul will surely die in spite of

But the way he says it, the inflection 

And we will see a plague and a river of blood
And every evil soul will be a Giant Spi-der, 

I swear lol

Anyone else totally addicted to Jersey Shore on MTV? I used to poo poo it, that is, until i started watching it! Its so trashy and awful you gotta watch!!! These tanned buff dudes, and trashy, (hot) chicks (especially JWoww lol)  I cant get enough of the fights and attempted hook ups! lol Its so great!!!! 

Facebook, GLORIOUS FACEBOOK, has a Jersey Shore name generator, I am B-Train, I love it, Ive embraced it, but its still no Bobby G though lol. My best nickname is built in! 

So Ive been on the prowl for ladies lately, dating is a strange world, Ive been in a relationship (well 2) for the last 6 years, and now I'm dating again! This is CRAZY! The world has changed! I still am able to talk to Ladies, but do you know how long its been since I've had to wear condoms? They are expensive too! $6 for a 3 pack! WTF? Oh well cheaper than a baby! Or doctors visits...

Got myself an iPod touch! 32GB w a case. I splurged on it for sure, but I use all day at work, to help customers and show em stuff, so I justified it that way (and I wonder why I'm broke lol) But all that is ending, Its on me all day like my phone when i get WIFI I take it out and utilize, its also my iPod too obviously so I jam to it all day long at my non apple job. Good times there!!! 

OK folks, i hope to see some of you back on my site, I plan on posting more regularly, because honestly, I miss it, and I have funny stuff to say again!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 


Tracy said...

I freakin LOVE Jersey Shore... I had all these thoughts to comment on what you said. The second you mention JS everything went out.the.window. Best show evah! LOLOL bring on the trash! :D

Sarah said...

I refuse to watch Jersey Shore, couldn't if I wanted to anyway but I can't handle that shit anymore.

I also refuse to buy liquor, specifically Jack. It's expensive and if we have it in the house, I WILL drink it. Not "get hammered" drink it but it IS yummy!