Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Brokeassness!

Im broke, I cant lie, after Lori passed I stopped caring about money, and bills, and was very haphazard with my money. Bought shit I couldn't really afford, ate out too much, drank too much, and in turn gained weight. Ive gotten probably $600 in bank fees since October, and I didn't care, until now! I'm tired of it! I need to save money. And I have a plan. Its 4 magical steps! Here they are:

1. Grocery shop more! I can get 2 weeks of groceries for $60 or I can eat 10 meals out. The math is easy here! Im also going to try to cook food! Tacos are easy, spaghetti is easy, these things can be done cheaply, and without to much work.

2. $20 a week for going out. There are tons of ways to make this $20 stretch in a college town! Several bars have $1 beers or cheap specials, restaurants do too!

3. SAVING! $40 a check goes into my savings account! You never know when this life will throw you a curve ball! Id like to get about $1000 saved to have as a fund.

4. And finally, Netflix! Watching TV is a good way to stay focused! Especially when you are engrossed in a great show like Dexter! $15 a month will save me hundreds!!!

So there ya have it folks, its my 4 part plan, I hope this works, Im so sick of being broke!!!!


Tracy said...

GOOD plan!!! We are really trying to cut back on eating out. I bought groceries for 2 weeks worth of meals for $80... and I'm actually meal planning so that food does not go to waste!

Sarah said...

I had my job directly deposit $50 per pay period into my savings. Sometimes I ended up spending it but I do have about $600 now and it's a good thing because I have no job :)