Saturday, May 31, 2008


I LOVE SUBWAY! It delicious & while not as healthy as they let on, WAY Better than fast food. But I have a MAJOR DILEMMA w/ Subway, probably 6 of 10 times I go, I get behind "THAT GUY" The guy who orders Subs for his WHOLE office, or for his whole family, but today took the cake. I walk into the Store & there is 1 guy and his kid, I figure it wont be a big deal. He says I need 11 subs! Im like WTF!?  lol So im there 35 mins while the subway people (there were ony 2) Had to make this RIDONK order! It ended up being like $86, I was so pissed lol, I didnt say shit but inside I was steamin, but its all good, my sub was delicious!