Thursday, May 29, 2008

Religion...Whats the deal?

OK....I have been fighting about writing this post for a LONG TIME. Due to my feelings on the subject (they aren't like everyone Else's) I am absolutely tired of the way religion plays a part in the day to day running of this country. I firmly believe the world would be better without religion. There wouldn't be so many wars, there wouldnt be so many travesties carried out in gods name (televangelists come to mind, also criminals that said God made them do it) Now let me just come out & say right now that I have no ill feelings to someone who practices religion as long as they don't preach to me, It doesn't concern or affect me. I have many friends who practice religion & I don't have any problems w/ them. It always seems like the most religious people are the most awful. They were serial killers who found God & now they are good people? I think not! Also there are so many hypocrites out there when it comes to religion, just because you go to church doesn't make you a good person per say. Ive seen parents use god as a disciplinary tool, "if you do something bad God knows" I was like WTF? I wanted to go to that kid & tell him that God isn't real lol but I didn't. Now I am an Atheist, I don't believe in a God or a single being that looks over our lives etc, Im not one to call someone out for having us pray I just sit quietly w/ my hand together & think about hot chicks or something unholy lol. Im not a super die hard atheist, I wont protest churches, I wont fight for this belief, its just how I feel. With the beliefs however it does bother me when people are against something that is wrong in the Bible. Perfect example is gay marriage, people are against it for many reasons, but one I hear very often is its says its wrong in the Bible, the Bible is written by man.....lets just be real....i consider it to be the most popular fiction book ever. it sounds like something JR Tolkien wrote lol. The other day I called a customer at work to get payment for an ad, she answered the phone "Praise the lord" I was kinda shocked lol, but whatever, now if that was me trying to preach what i feel maybe "God isnt real, can i help you?" then there'd be a upheaval. Like i said i dont really care if you like religion or not, the 1 places that religion doesnt belong is The White House, if we start running this country by the Bible shit will hit the fan! Now if you want to live your life by the bible, cool, if you go to church every sunday, cool, but you wont see me there..