Friday, May 30, 2008

Luc Bourdon...Motorcycle Death.

Luc Bourdon, Player for the Vancouver Cannucks & also their AHL affiliate died in a motorcycle crash yesterday, it brings up the issue of "Are motorcycles Dangerous?" The question is a complicated one. The answer is Yes...but only if you are not prepared, Luc bought his bike 3 months ago, as of right now, the type of bike he was on isnt known, but he being a young kid, with a ton of money I have to assume it was a high performance sport bike. It seems he lost control in a turn & hit a semi head on. Before everyone jumps on the motorcycles are dangerous bandwagon, it is important to task these questions. 1. Was he licensed? 2. Had he taken a motorcycle safety class? 3. What kind of bike?
Now if he had taken the class & was licensed he probably doesnt go over the center line, because hed of known proper cornering techniques, obviously circumstances arise, sometimes ones that are unavoidable, but if you have proper training these situations can at least be avoided, or the severity limited. All this being said, over the last few years there have been a lot of accidents involving sports figures on bike
1.Jay Williams, G Chicago Bulls had a Sportbike 2 days, crashed it foot & knee injuries etc. hasnt played in the NBA, no training or Lic,
2. Kellen Winslow JR TE Cleveland Browns, crashed motorcycle, Knee injury, unlic. & no safety class, returned to the NFL & has been a Pro Bowl Player
3. Ben Rothlisburger QB Pittsburgh Steelers- Sportbike rider, exp, no lic, no helmet, broken Jaw returned to the NFL
4. Diego Corrales- Boxer, sportbike crash on the vegas strip, going 120 rear ended a car, Drunk, he didnt survive.
Now people always say why do they let him ride, if I was a pro athlete id ride, ive taken precautions to help insure I know how to operate my machine.
The death of Luc Bourdon is a tragic reminded to the importance of being well trained to handle your machine.